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Online Banking

Access your NCFCU accounts 24/7/365! Our online banking platform allows you to:

  • Manage and transfer your money
  • Check transactions
  • Receive e-statements
  • And more!

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Mobile Banking

Your NCFCU account is in the palm of your hands! Download our mobile app for your smart phone or tablet for access to your account from home and on the road. Enjoy the features of online banking and also enjoy:

*You are about to leave the NCFCU website. We do not provide, and are not responsible for, the product, service, or overall website content available at the external website. Please be aware that external websites may have privacy and security policies that differ from those at NCFCU. Please consult their privacy disclosures for more information. NCFCU makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding any external site nor is liable for transactions you enter into with any third parties.


Let BILLSHARK® Lower Your Bills! The bill negotiating experts can typically lower your bill 85% of the time. Download the NCFCU mobile app to get started.

How it works:

  • Submit a bill
    • Use your smart phone’s camera to take a picture of your bill or to upload a screenshot.
  • BILLSHARK® negotiates for you
    • The BILLSHARK® experts deal with the hassle of negotiating directly with your provider.
  • Split the savings
    • You only pay BILLSHARK® if they save you money. BILLSHARK® takes 40% of the savings for their hard work.


Get an instant Home Owner’s or Renter’s Insurance quote right in the NCFCU Mobile App with Lemonade.

  • Get a quote in a few taps
    • We’ll confirm your information and get you a quote in seconds right in the app. Like the quote? Take out your policy right here too.
  • Unconflicted claims
    • Unlike any other insurance company, Lemonade gains nothing by delaying or denying claims (you pay a flat fee), so they handle and pay as much claims instantly as possible.
  • Feel good doing it
    • In addition to protecting yourself, as a Public Benefit Corporation and certified B-Corp, Lemonade Inc. donates unclaimed premiums to great causes.

Remote Xpress Deposit

Remote Xpress Deposit is a free, secure, mobile service allowing you to deposit checks into your eligible NCFCU account from a remote location. You can deposit a check into your NCFCU account using your smartphone by submitting a picture of the front and back of the check.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the NCFCU App
  • Log In
  • Tap the = in the top left-hand corner and select Deposit a Check
  • Read and accept the terms
  • Endorse by signing followed by “For Remote Deposit Only – NCFCU”
  • Click take photos, accept camera access and follow the prompts
  • Select the account you want the check deposited in and the amount of the check
  • Click Deposit

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Digital Wallet

Now, you can make purchases with contactless payment technology in a simple, secure and convenient way. NCFCU is proud to offer Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ support.

Electronic Bill Pay

NCFCU members who have a Share Draft/Checking account and Internet access can sign-up for Electronic Bill Payment (EBP). EBP makes it easy and convenient to pay bills. Once you register through Online Banking, it’s quick and easy to schedule one-time or reoccurring payments, transfer money between institutions, and even receive payment reminders via email or text message.

External Transfers

Online banking allows you to easily connect with an external account at a different financial institution. You can then make inbound and outbound transfers between this account and your NCFCU account to manage all your finances easily whenever needed.

PAM (Personal Automated-Teller Machine) Voice Response

When you need to take advantage of every hour in your busy day, PAM leads you step by step to perform a wide variety of transactions.

With PAM Voice Response you can:

  • Verify account balances
  • Verify loan balances
  • Confirm account transactions
  • Transfer funds within your account
  • Perform a check search
  • Check loan rates
  • Check share, club account, IRA and certificate rates
  • Verify deposits and withdrawals
  • Check year-to-date dividend and interest totals
  • Make line-of-credit advances by check
  • Request information
  • And so much more!

To Start: Call (717) 774-5731 (local) or (800) 706-2328

Main Menu – Touchtone Phone Options

Option 1: Account Balance


  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Club Accounts
  • Loan Accounts

Option 2: Account History


  • Last 5 Transactions
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • ATM Transactions
  • Date Search
  • Amount
  • Check Number
  • All Transactions

Option 3: Transfer Funds Immediately

Option 4: Share or Loan Withdrawals

Option 5: Card Services


  • Deactivate or Report Cart Lost or Stolen
  • Re-Order a Card

Option 6: More Options


  • Stop Payment Activities
  • Future Dated ACH Transactions
  • Change Access Codec

Global Commands

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