Security Policy

Online Banking Security:

For the member’s protection, Online Banking employs two forms of security: Dual Password Protection and Data Encryption. Dual Password Protection requires the user to enter a second password, in addition to the four digit PIN to ensure account information is not accessed by unauthorized users. Data Encryption is a process that transposes the information sent from our server to your browser into a code that cannot be understood or altered without using a “key.” The “key” deciphers the information from our server to be able to display on your browser. Currently, there are two levels of RSA data encryption that our server will provide, 40-bit and 128-bit. 40-bit data encryption is the standard method that is used all over the world for electronic commerce. Only 40-bit data encryption is currently available for users outside of the United States. If you live within the United States, you should be able to download the 128-bit (Domestic) version of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer, or purchase Netscape or Internet Explorer from a retail computer store. If you live outside of the United States, you can download the 40-bit (Exportable) version of Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you already have the “standard” version of Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are protected by the 40-bit security by default.


Information sent via email may be used by NCFCU to answer questions, address member suggestions, or update member information. Generally, email, other than the mail system that is contained within Online Banking, is not secure against interception. You should refrain from sending emails to the credit union or anyone else that contain account numbers, Social Security numbers, PINs, etc.

NCFCU Web Site:

Since most areas of the NCFCU Web site do not involve the exchange of information between NCFCU and our members, it is not necessary to use encryption to transfer this information. We do, however encrypt any areas that involve the transfer of information such as Online Banking and the Online Loan Application.