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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Member Rewards Program? The Member Rewards Program is a relationship pricing program designed to provide a consistent framework to reward members for the relationship they maintain with NCFCU. The key ~ the more members use us, the more “Rewards” they will receive! What savings products qualify for the Member Rewards Program? The Member Rewards program is based on the aggregate amount maintained in your NCFCU Savings Accounts (Share Savings, Checking, CD’s, IRAs, Money Market, Christmas & Vacation Club). How is the Savings level determined for discounted fees and special rates? The Member Rewards Program is based upon Combined Household NCFCU Savings. How is Household defined? Household is defined as all account holders living at the same address with matching primary or joint social security numbers. If someone at my address does not have my social security number on their account can they be part of the Household? Yes, however all people in the Household will need to sign an authorization form (except minor children). How can members receive additional Rewards? Members can receive additional Rewards with checking and direct deposit. What if a member does not have the ability to establish a direct deposit but has a checking account, do they qualify for the PLUS? Yes, if the member agrees to deposit at least $500 monthly. Do all members of the Household have the same benefits of the combined relationship level? Yes. Is a member automatically enrolled in the Member Rewards Program? Yes. How often is the Members Rewards Program calculated? Monthly Are Organizational accounts eligible for Householding? No.