ATM Card

NCFCU offers a STAR™ ATM Card that is accessible through an ever-expanding STAR and PLUS Network, and at hundreds of participating merchants. Use your STAR™ ATM Card locally to make deposits, to withdraw funds, to inquire about your various account balances. Use the cards out of the area, at the PLUS Network, for emergency cash withdrawals. In addition, NCFCU has contracted with PNC Bank so that we can provide you with 3,500+ non-surcharging ATM’s. PNC Bank ATM’s are located nationwide. You can do your Credit Union business when it suits you, day or night, 7-days-a-week, with your ATM Card or VISA Debit Card! Total daily ATM limit is $1,000 with any PIN based ATM withdraw. The maximum number of times you may use your card daily to withdraw is 10. Maximum free withdrawals are 6 per month.  $1.00 charge per any additional. Note: The maximum includes denials and inquiries.

ATM Locations

Find exact PNCBank ATM locations Find a Surcharge-Free ATM near you at CU Dollar. STAR ATM Locator